Saturday, December 4, 2010

black leopard tights

Goodmorning beautiful followers :) This outfit is one of my favorite ones, I wore this leather grey skirt which as we all know grey is a color that it's a MUST have in our wardrobes for this winter though I think grey is here to stay & of course leather is an element that If we can combine it with our outfit it will just look amazing . As I promised you in one of my previous posts that I made for my Miu Miu clogs , in this outfit I am wearing them again as I totally adore them firstly because they are chunky&wild and combine those silver studs on them but also because they are so comfortable wearing them. So it gives them a double credit I think:) Hope you have a really nice weekend guys :)

. Thekla . xx



  1. you girl! love this particular leather skirt! stradivarious ha?

  2. Loooooove your fur coat! It's amazing and it looks so warm! Your leather skirt is the perfect fit for winter, I want! And I adore your leggings and those miu miu clogs are to die for!

    Love & Labels

  3. hey, i like your blog!!
    do you want to follow each other?
    i would be happy if you visit me:


  4. kaylyn thank you so much darling for your lovely comments :):)!!!!xx

  5. Beautiful!
    Come to me :)
    If you become my follower so do I!

  6. Great look! Loving the coat and tights!!!=)

  7. awww i'm so happy that i hear such nice comments from you girls :)xxx

  8. Hell yeah, your clogs are great! I'll keep an eye on you, thanks for your post!

  9. thnx darling:) in few days I will have a post published just for my rings :)xx