Thursday, October 25, 2012

BuyMyWardrobe Event

wearing: zara tube dress, alexandermcqueen bracelet

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Yesterday I had the chance to attend an amazing event BuyMyWardrobe with my friend AnnaMaria(which I will let you know more about here further down) and Natasa. This event was held at Vanilla which you can realise from the photos what a gorgeous place it is with a contemporary design. Moving onto the good part of this event, there were different sellers some of them were Lorna,Five Five Fabulous etc. They were all selling secondhand clothing(most of them designer clothes) which all of them were in an amazingly good condition. I was thrilled from the gorgeous garments that we found there and everything in an appropriate price. I wanted to grab everything we were like everywhere it was so much fun& the cherry on top of this is that we met some really interesting people at this event which shared the same love for us-FASHION!

So I said earlier I wanted to introduce you my friend AnnaMaria Vassiliades. For me she is a fashion icon, I adore her style and the way she always manages to show her femininity through her style. Annamaria has just now launched a store VINTAGE4CHARITY which she actually sells secondhand designer clothing for charity. The fact that she raises funds for charity I think it shows lots of things about her character and this is what makes her unique and different than any other woman ! For further info on her shop you can check out her facebook page or website or even email her on this email:

PS.stay tuned for the second part of this post:) 

Au revoir,

Thekla xx

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  1. You are so gorgeous


    - Nora

  2. nice pics; DD

  3. perfect dresse :)