Monday, October 15, 2012

My AdR collection

(and a BIG thnx to my followers for the support&love) xx

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These are my AdR for h&m purchases, I am currently in love with these gold heels I was so excited when I found my size!!!I couldn't resist purchasing these beauties!!:)
 Almost all the designs that AnnaDelloRusso designed were more of a 'baroque style' which for this season is a must-have. 

Which is your favourite piece from her collection?

Au revoir,

Thekla xx

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  1. Those shoes are to die for! Amazing and I think theny are my fav piece from the entire collection.. But i love clutches also, too bad I dont have H&M in my ocuntry :(

  2. love the close ups!

    xoxo Shauna

  3. i went through yout pictures and you actually have EVERY single bad i am dreaming aboout :D how come ???? they are gorgeous!