Thursday, October 18, 2012

Quilted top

(with my friend Natasa-she took the photos for me:) xx)

Wearing: Zara olive jeans, Topshop quilted top, Zara wedges

Yes or No to the quilted top trend for this winter? Well, I would say a big yes. Choose this 'etro' inspired pattern as I needed something colourful in my wardrobe to cheer up things!!

And say hello to these baby wedges, they are comfy, amazing price and I got them for an everyday use! What do you think about them??:)

Au revoir,

Thekla xx


  1. Zara is one of my favorites too, I saw these shoes last week on the store, they really HOT!

  2. thnx sweethearts:)!!! YES they are amazing,so obsessed with them at the moment!!!!!!!

  3. are the wedges comfy??? i love them but can you stay in the more then 2 hours? thank you, kiss natasa (too) :))

  4. they are sooo comfy!!! I could wear them all day long !:)

  5. lovely :)

  6. Love it! I haven't seen the quilted top yet and I think it's perfect for fall/winter.

    PS. I entered your amazing giveaway and forgot to add my email address, fingers crossed!!!

    Nancy xox